After months of drug busts, Coast Guard unloads 26 tons of cocaine

The Coast Guard is unloading the newest stash of cocaine nabbed from smugglers off the Japanese Pacific Ocean — all 26.5 tons of it.

The cocaine, which weighs about as a lot as 4 male elephants, was seized in 27 separate missions, plus 5 bale restoration operations. It has an estimated road worth of $715 million wholesale.

The Coast Guard, Royal Canadian Naval Crews and interagency companions took the medicine from smuggling boats discovered alongside the coasts of Central and South America. Boasts suspected of smuggling are tracked by army or regulation enforcement, however the boarding of the ship is completed by U.S. Coast Guardsmen.

“This not solely showcases the menace posed by harmful cartels, gangs and legal teams that make up in depth transitional organized crime networks, nevertheless it additionally highlights the dedication of the Coast Guard and its interagency companion’s efforts to detect, interdict, examine and prosecute operatives for these felony networks,” stated Vice Adm. Karl Schultz, commander, U.S. Coast Guard Atlantic Space, in a press release.

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