What's cuter than a child meerkat? Six child meerkats.

SYDNEY, Australia —

A meerkat mom has her paws full after delivering the most important litter of pups within the historical past of the Taronga Zoo in Australia.

Mom Nairobi delivered six pups final month, which stunned zookeepers since meerkats usually ship three to 4 pups.

“We knew that Nairobi was greater than she was throughout her earlier pregnancies, however we undoubtedly weren’t anticipating six pups! Meerkats often give delivery to 3 to 4 pups, so mum definitely has her paws full this time,” zookeeper Courtney Mahony stated in a press release on Tuesday.

The pups have been exploring their enclosure and mother, Nairobi, is getting plenty of babysitting assist from zookeepers and the pups’ dad.

The child meerkats nonetheless would not have names, and their genders haven’t been revealed.

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