St. Louis Summertime Cooler Necessities

If you’re found at the Huzzah in a pair or more of worn-out, homemade jorts, you have reached peak St. Louis summer. It must be paired alongside something more hydrating. Chips are important, but sweets and sweets are equally important. These should not be your sole source of energy. Protein is important, but shouldn’t feel heavy or difficult to carry.

Cooler packing doesn’t just involve assembling the elements. If you don’t tip, these local vittles can make you the winner.

Billy Goat Cheese

These delicious golden fried delights were originally made as a side dish at Billy Goat Restaurant and Bar. These chips became so popular that the owners decided to open a full-service restaurant to make them.

Individual-Sized Gooey Louie Redbird Velvet Cake

Gooey Louie’s butter cakes are a St. Louis favorite. Gooey Louie’s butter cakes are a classic St. Louis treat.

Red Hot Riblets

St. Louis would love the fiery, barbecue-seasoned magic dust that is used for Old Vienna’s Red Hot Riblets. To enjoy easy eating near the river, you can crush some and sprinkle them on your favorite sandwich.

Volpi Roltini

The more sophisticated river traveler might long for a picnic-style cheese-and-charcuterie plate, but such a production lacks practicality. Volpi’s Roltini offers the best of both: creamy mozzarella wrapped in silken prosciutto, which will satisfy even the most sophisticated of float-trip gourmands, and the ease of one-handed eating when the current is moving.

Vess Grape Soda

Canteen beer is used for a lot of floating float drinking. Canteen beer is a popular choice for floating floats.

Imo’s Rope Provel

They’re a popular snack choice in St. Louis, regardless of their true name or the amusing nickname “Provel Worms”. They can be sprinkled on a salad or made into garlic bread.