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There are many delicious meals you can prepare that will completely enhance your experiences with various types of tequila. For thousands of years, food and drink has been the common denominator to bring people together – for business, for pleasure, for love, and more.

Now that you know all about the best types of tequila, and have a few recipes under your belt, it’s time to take your tequila experience to the next level by incorporating some great food with tequila pairings into it. We’re not saying you have to hire a Mariachi band and decorate your house like a tapas bar, but everybody appreciates a good meal.

Food With Tequila Pairings

We have four very basic food with tequila pairings for you today, but will add more if the interest is there:

Food With Tequila Pairing #1: Guacamole

Is there a single person on the planet who doesn’t love guacamole?

It’s fresh, it’s tasty, it’s versatile, and to top it all off – it’s incredibly simple to make. Here is a quick and easy guacamole recipe:

Simply mash the avocados together, mix it all into a bowl – and presto – you’re done.

You can serve the guacamole with chips, on tacos (see below), or even on a bacon cheeseburger (yes, really).

If you want to really wow your guests, work on presentation with a guacamole mortar like you see in the authentic restaurants.

Food With Tequila Pairing #2: Carne Asada

We’re partial to carne asada simply because it is such a staple of Latin and tequila culture. Many of the grocery stores actually sell pre-marinated carne asada, and often times it’s quite good! If you want to make the marinade yourself, we recommend following a basic guideline like this.

The best part about carne asda is that it cooks fast. One flank steak on the grill is done in less than ten minutes. Slice it and serve with onions, peppers, and of course, guacamole and tequila.

Food With Tequila Pairing #3: Chicken Fajitas

Just like carne asada in many ways but a different recipe, and takes a little longer to cook from experience.

Here is an excellent chicken fajita recipe we like to use.

Food With Tequila Pairing #4: NACHOS!

Everyone’s favorite from the ballpark to the beloved taco stand down the street.

We aren’t even going to post a “recipe”, but more a guideline.

1.) Buy a bag of chips
2.) Put everything you want on it – cheese, guacamole, sour cream, onions, tomato, beans, meat, Sour Patch Kids,..really – anything else you can think of.

Do you have a really unique nacho topping? Let us know below and we’ll add it to this list.

Food With Tequila: Bottom Line

Of course, the food you can pair with tequila is really quite limitless. These are just a few of our favorites, but suggestions are always welcome. Don’t be a stranger, leave a comment and chime in the comments below!

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